Phonak Audeo B-Direct Hearing DevicesSeptember 2017 saw the launch of Phonak’s upgraded hearing aids Audeo B-Direct and Virto B. Brian and Kayleigh Eccles were pleased to attend the event and learn about the special features of these products. Here we focus on the special features of the Audeo B-Direct hearing devices

Audeo B-Direct

The concept for these hearing devices is compelling. It is the first hearing aid that is is made for any phone, which means that they provide a direct to any mobile phone that is enabled for Bluetooth. So, not only will the Audeo B-direct work with any smartphone, it will also function with older mobile phones. Even if you refuse to surrender your old Nokia phone, you can still use this technology provided it has the Bluetooth function.

Wireless Phone Calls.

With a simple touch of a button you can answer or decline a phone call from your hearing aid.  In fact, you don’t have to touch your phone at all; it could be anywhere in the room and you can still answer the call and hold a conversation without looking for the phone. This gives the maximum in convenience in much the same way as a wireless headset.

Connectivity With Your TV

The Audeo-B Direct hearing devices also provide total clarity of sound once paired to your television or audio source via a TV Connector.  Users have said that he clarity and richness of sound is beyond compare.  As a result, listening to audio at home via the television or music device can be a joyous experience without interfering with anyone else’s enjoyment.

Environmental Balance

Phonak’s Audeo-B Direct also features Environmental Balance allowing users to increase the volume of their streamed audio over that of the background noise. The manufacturer’s claim that is gives up to a 30 decibel advantage in signal to noise improvement and this is of significant benefit to users. These hearing devices allow complete focus on a single audio source.Phonak Audeo B Product launch

Available Hearing Devices

The Audeo-B Direct are Receiver In The Ear (RIC) devices powered by a size 13 battery.  They are offered in three levels of technology, being the B90, the B70 and the B50. These offer three power levels meaning that they will cover the full range of hearing loss from mild to severe.

Improved Customer Offering

Brian and Kayleigh are delighted with the quality and added flexibility the the Audeo B-Direct range offers their clients. They look forward to adding these hearing devices to their growing range of products.




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