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Roger Certified Partners

The Brian Eccles Hearing Centre is delighted to have been appointed as Roger Certified Partners by hearing aid manufacturer Phonak. This gives the business access to additional training and a wide portfolio of new products to help you, our clients hear better at distance and in noisy environments. This special range of products is designed to help in work, social and educational environments and has been shown to improve communications and thereby your quality of life. Roger connectivity is available on all “Marvel” devices without the need for an additional interface.

Roger Pen

Roger Pen is a helpful microphone for multiple listening situations. Its portable design means that it can be used wherever extra support is needed over distance and in noisier environments. The manufacturers advise that users can hear speech 62% better than those with no hearing loss in such situations. The Roger Pen can also relay sounds from multimedia devices such as televisions and music systems and has Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phone calls. It is available in three colour options.

Roger Select

Roger Select is uniquely designed to boost your hearing performance and keep you right at the centre of a conversation. This is a result of the Roger Select’s MultiBeam Technology. This 360-degree hearing system allows you to hear a voice, regardless of where it is coming from. A number of directional microphones can be activated with a single touch. The Roger Select can also be attached to clothing or worn around the speaker’s neck. In common with many of Phonak’s products the Select has Bluetooth connectivity with media devices and also allows wireless telephone calls.

Roger Table Mic II

Roger Table Mic II is a microphone that is designed for a work environment and particularly meetings. It can identify the speakers and automatically switch between them. Multiple devices can be hooked up in a network for larger meetings as well as being able to transmit digital media sounds. Since busy meetings can be some of the most challenging of listening environments, the Roger Table Mic II is designed to find the source of the sound and transmit it directly to your hearing devices. It is easy to operate with a simple push-button or remote control and the battery life is an exceptional 20 hours plus to ensure continuous listening.


Roger Clip-On Mic

The Roger Clip-On Mic is a small, lightweight one-to-one stand-alone microphone. It is designed for conversations with one other person in work or leisure settings. The mic can adapt automatically to ensure speech in noise is clearly understood. The directional microphone hones in on the other speaker for improved speech recognition. The product also connects to multimedia devices to allow greater enjoyment of television, music or digital entertainment. The Roger Clip-On Mic is also compatible with most hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Roger Touchscreen Mic

This simple FM hearing system allows children with hearing loss to hear clearly in the classroom. Teachers can wear the device around their neck or place it on a nearby surface to allow speech from groups of students to be picked up. The Roger Touchscreen Mic can switch modes automatically from an individual speaker to group according to its positioning. It has easy-to-understand indicator lights and a simple interface which allows everyone to play an active role in the modern classroom environment. The product is compatible with just about every hearing device and cochlear implant and there are various additional microphones, amplification devices and charging system available.

Roger Focus

Roger Focus can help your child to concentrate on classroom activities. The wireless device helps hearing-impaired children and some with wider attention problems to focus on a teacher’s voice. Speech is transmitted directly to the child’s ear so that other external distractions are reduced. Since the hearing aid is easy to adjust your child will be able to fully engage with classroom activities. In order to cope with the rough and tumble of school life, the devices are both water and dust resistant. The Roger Focus also comes in an impressive 17 colours.

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